Royle Printing is passionately committed to serving our customers, employees, business partners and the environments where we live and work. This commitment has resulted in the creation and implementation of a strategy that helps us sustain our industry and the environment. We have and continue to make significant investments in technology, equipment, process improvements and relationships with our key suppliers, ensuring that we stay focused on achieving our goals for sustainability. Royle has been audited and certified to the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain of Custody Standard. (FSC® C022017). 


Initiatives & Milestones

  • Our facility lighting was recently upgraded; installing state-of-the-art Orion light Fixtures. The investment provides approximately $57,000 in annual savings and 107,500 kwh in displaced energy.

  • Routine energy audits allow us to discover areas where process improvements and investments will reduce operating costs and minimize impact to the environment.

  • A new Regenerative Thermal Oxidizing (RTO) unit handles emissions from our heatset web presses, allowing us to emit 99.5% pure air back into the environment (DNR requires a minimum of 95%).

  • We invest in technology to convert heat into energy; providing power to our facility and equipment.

  • Heat and energy is reclaimed from the RTO unit; reprocessing it as heating and conditioned air for our facility.

  • New chill systems on all presses and a shift to centralized compressor vastly reduces ongoing energy consumption.

  • We partner with paper companies who are leaders in implementing conservation strategies to ensure our natural resources are sustained. These firms are committed to participating in certification programs such as the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Ⓡ and Forest Stewardship Council.

  • With our partners in the paper industry; Royle plays a role in recapturing almost 70% of all paper products used in the printing and packaging industry. This recaptured material is essential to the production of many packaging, cardboard, and paper products.


  • Royle shreds and bales all scrap paper, providing it back to various paper manufacturers. All manufacturers convert the waste into pulp, which is used to create both pre and post consumer waste paper and paper board.

  • Royle invested in energy efficient details when building 80,000 sq. ft. of additional space, including: rows of windows facing north and south to allow natural sunlight into the facility, light sensors which only turn the lights on when there is not enough external light, motion sensors that turn lights on/off depending upon employee entrance/exit, and two large 24 ft. fans to circulate air and depress heat closer to the floor.

  • Newly installed make-up air units save energy and eliminate negative air-flow that occurs when any exterior door opens within our facility.

  • Royle's transportation fleet is state of the art; employing the latest technology to maximize fuel mileage, reduce idle time, and eliminate air-drag. All vehicles are "certified clean idle" vehicles.

  • We implemented an anti-idling policy for all trucks on our shipping docks.

  • Royle has eliminated most hazardous chemicals and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's).

  • Royle Printing's inks are agri-based which are made from non-toxic soy and vegetable oils.