Power of Print Program

Royle Printing developed the Power of Print program to create a valuable partnership where our clients discover the latest in print innovations. Your team will better understand how to put value-added ideas to work, creating additional publication & catalog enhancing opportunities all executed at our single facility.


on-going collaboration of ad sales ideas

Royle's Account Executive's consistently provide their clients with proven examples of how Power of Print ancillary pieces are being effectively used in the marketplace. Our goal is to become a collaborative partner to your business and discuss creative ideas for your key advertisers. Greater awareness results in greater success for your team.

Working with a print partner that provides and understands the best use of these value added offerings can be immensely important. Royle has experience implementing many of these unique vehicles used in the publishing community.

Main Royle Roll Up Mag_Main.jpg

a customized & branded idea book

With over $1,500 in ad sales dollars available to your team, Royle will provide you with a customized, branded idea book that can be shared with ad sales staff and key customers to help drive ideas.

A single booklet displaying all the available options, similar to a media kit, such as gatefolds, tip-ons, blow-ins, outserts, polybagging, cover wraps, dot whacks, stickers, inkjetting & messaging. As well as unique paper coatings such as reticulated varnish, gloss uv, soft touch uv, dull & ultra dull varnish.



a targeted ancillary pricing grid

We’ll work with you and your staff to package the most attractive pieces for your advertisers. This provides you confidence in margins and quick answers for them as well.