AUGUST 2017 - Newsletter


60+ Super Easy Summer Dinner Recipes

WISconsin's best summer events

101 Fun Things to do with kids this summer

Preseason tickets giveaway:  August 10th - 7 pm - lambeau field

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New Faces

Ben boschert

IT Support Specialist

Tim Selden

Stitcher Operator


Jen Fletcher

Project Manager

Justin Coulter

Material Handler

John Thomas

Finishing Associate


Allen Hofacker - August 1st

Rob Coulter - August 2nd

Andrew Young - August 4th

Dale Sheets - August 5th

Chris Kendziora - August 7th

Alberto Pena - August 7th

John Lyste - August 8th

Fabian Hernandez - August 9th

Doug Jensen - August 11th

Maverick Kien - August 11th

Denys Popovych - August 11th

Henry Bratland - August 12th

Craig Kaczor - August 13th

Christina Grainger - August 16th

Monsies Gomez - August 18th

Akeila Jones-Calvin - August 21st

Mike Salzwedel - August 21st

Neil Hinterberg - August 24th

Tim Risch - August 25th

Lanny Ross - August 26th

Terrie Szwec - August 26th

Donalda Sauer - August 27th

Dawn Webber - August 28th

Jose Calles - August 29th

Leticia Ceron - August 29th

Brenda Tratar - August 30th

Tommy Keller - August 31st

August 4th - Trent Trieloff (9)

August 5th - John Lyste (15)

August 5th - Randy Radloff (15)

August 8th - Chris Detert (5)

August 9th - Steve Faust (24)

August 12th - Howard Bauman (49)

August 14th - Dwight Bernhagen (5)

August 14th - Neil Hinterberg (39)

August 14th - Andrea Werner (5)

August 15th - Deanna Endres (1)

August 17th - Jose Chitica (2)

August 18th - Taylor Graham (3)

August 21st - Nancy Manthe (5)

August 22nd - Gary Weihert (11)

August 27th - Terrie Szwec (5)

August 29th - Kevin Aguilar (1)

August 29th - Michael Schumann (28)

August 30th - Doug Jensen (1)

August 31st - Ben Hutchins (1)

Available Positions

Press Operators

  • Individuals work on a crew assisting in the setup, operation and maintenance of Goss Sunday 2000 press lines & our KBA sheetfed press.

finishing associates

  • Individuals assist the machine operator with the setup, operation and maintenance of various pieces of equipment that bind catalogs and magazines.

Material handlers

  • Individuals provide printed product to the finishing department, staging the product at the appropriate equipment and removing finished product from equipment and staging in distribution.

Stitcher & folder Operaters

  • Individuals will possess strong mechanical and printing skills in addition to demonstrated leadership abilities.