New press to bring new opportunities to Royle Printing

Capacity and capabilities expand to an already robust facility

Royle Printing, an independently owned and managed printing company located in Sun Prairie, WI is celebrating its 70th anniversary with the announcement of the addition of an eight unit Manroland press.

“Royle continues its commitment to investments in new technologies and equipment, keeping our clients and Royle on the forefront of the evolution of print,” says Chris Carpenter, President and Owner of Royle Printing. “Our equipment and outstanding team will put this new asset to good use, helping us meet the demanding needs of the publication and catalog markets.  This new press will play an important role in contributing to our continued growth for many years to come.”

Utilizing the latest in Manroland technology, the 8-unit Rotoman printing press enhances Royle’s manufacturing platform. The high-yield press runs at 65,000 impressions per hour and is capable of producing a variety of formats, including; standard upright, tabloid and digest publications.

Royle Printing is a G7 Master Printer, clearly emphasizing the commitment to technology and quality. Created by IDEAlliance and GRACoL, master certification requires the use of modern technology and equipment, coupled with precise operating practices to ensure that strict criteria are met. The results are remarkable, incredible consistent color produced with immense efficiency.