Hands-on Career Exploration with Royle Printing

Over 5,000 middle school students are exploring career opportunities to become Future Ready

Thank you for responding to my questions and letting me learn from them. I learned that your guys make really cool printing ideas. Such as, when I got to print a paper plate with ink, I look forward to making new ideas, like you guys do! Again, thank you for your time.

Royle Printing was proud to be a business partner at FutureQuest 2018. FutureQuest held by Dane County School Consortium are hoping to close the skills gap by helping to improve student course selection and career preparedness when entering high school.

“FutureQuest 2018 allowed Dane County middle school students to explore career and academic opportunities to become Future Ready,” said Josh Fassl, Dane County School Consortium Director. “This career exploration may lead to new ideas, new products, healthier lives and a safer environment.”

The Royle Printing booth allowed the students to explore a career in print through a hands on activity of what a plate impression will create with ink and paper. As they were working on their plates they learned about what the printing presses do with plates, the different colors that are used to create a publication, how type appears on a plate, and the process that is involved with production.

“Middle schoolers are naturally curious and we enjoyed helping them explore a career in print,” said Chris Carpenter, President and Owner of Royle Printing. “In addition, we believe in supporting the community where we live and work.”

FutureQuest on December 5, 2018 was hosted at Alliant Energy Center Exhibition Hall for the 2nd inaugural event with over 5,000 middle school students from around Dane County in attendance. The Dane County School Consortium works collaboratively with 16 Dane County school districts and statewide programs to offer educational opportunities related to career exploration.

For more information on FutureQuest and the Dane County School Consortium, visit dcsc.org.