Mail anywhere program

Through the United States Postal Service (USPS) Royle is offering the Mail Anywhere program as an added benefit for Full-Service customers, allowing them to use a single permit to present Full-Service mailings at any Business Mail Acceptance site. Not only does this greatly simplify permit management, but it also saves permit application and renewal fees for customers who mail at numerous locations.

Eligibility requirements

Mail Anywhere Program Available For:

  • Full-Service First-Class Mail (Cards, Letters & Flats only)
  • Marketing Mail (Letters & Flats only, including Nonprofit)
  • Bound Printed Matter (Flats only)
  • Periodicals (Letters and Flats only)

Permit changes

Participation in this program does not require that mailers establish a new permit; mailers will use already existing permits. Most participants in this program eventually consolidate the multiple permits at multiple locations that they currently have and are able to use just a few permits for all of their mailings. Keep in mind, mailers must still maintain the different permit types for the different postage payment methods, such as permit imprint, meter, stamp, or reply mail.

For Example: Mailer A, headquartered in Chicago IL, has permit imprint permits in Chicago, Boston, Tampa, and Los Angeles. Under this program, Mailer A can consolidate all of these permit imprint permits into a single permit at their Chicago headquarters location, closing the other permits in Boston, Tampa and Los Angeles. Using Mail Anywhere, Mailer A may use that single permit to mail at all of those locations, and more.

Mailers should not need to change anything with regard to the indicias (permit imprints) printed on their mailpieces - unless some permits have been closed out or consolidated as part of this application process.

Submitting Mail.dat files

Participation in this program means that Mail Service Providers may need to adjust some of the data that is submitted electronically to PostalOne! via the Mail.dat files.

Two very critical pieces of information for these jobs are:

  1. The Payment Account Number in the Mailer Postage Accounting (MPA) file, field. This number is different than the postage permit number, and is assigned by the USPS to each permit in PostalOne!
    1. If the client has a CAPS account, the CAPS account number will be used as the Account number in the mail.dat file for payment.
    2. If the client does not have a CAPS account, then the Payment account number associated to their mailing permit will be used in the mail.dat for payment.

2. The Verification Post Office. Since the postage payment permit in this program may be located anywhere, the post office where the mail is verified and accepted may be different than the post office where the postage payment permit is held. As such, it is critical that the mailer correctly report the post office where the mail will be verified and accepted. The verification post office data is populated in the Segment  file of the Mail.dat file.