Year-End Tips for Ad Sales Pros! Part 2

By: Ryan Dohrn

Last week I shared with you what top media sales pros should be doing this time of year. You know, when everyone (including clients) are distracted with year-end deadlines, holidays, vacations, etc.

Year-End Tips for Ad Sales Pros! Part 1

Here are 5 MORE of my key points for ad salespeople to consider this time of year:

1. Dig deep on your personal professional development.

Use some of your down time to read a good sales book or a great personal development book. There are lists of great books online everywhere. From 27 books these successful executives say inspired them the most

Or watch inspiring videos online about ad sales or management. In general, boost your personal growth plan.  And perhaps you need to hire a ad sales coach or enroll in a ad sales training program. (Blatant promotional plug, lol.)

2.  Run reports to identify clients that you may be overlooking.

Within any quality CRM you should be able to run a report that shows who dropped off your radar this past year. I am amazed at the number of clients that I miss each year. I often pull this report each quarter to stay on top of things as well.

3.  Prepare year-end client impact reports.

Each year you help your clients accomplish something. Identify what that is and put it into a vibrant report. Manage up! Now you have proof of performance for management.

4.  Plan out your 2017 wish list.

Who will be on your “Top 10” client list for next year? Create this list. Research the clients on this list. Place their names on a white board that you can see everyday. Develop an ad sales marketing plan for each client on this list–today, not in January.

5. Look for ways to inspire others around you.

Most people look for others to inspire them. How about you looking for ways to inspire others? From offering to help create a colleague’s 2017 client wish list to taking the time to help a fellow ad sales pro clean up their CRM to taking someone out for a special lunch, look for ways to inspire others around you.

You will find the end of the year offers a little extra time to get your sales house in order and it gives you a chance prepare in advance(!) for the new year. Remember, if being in sales was easy, everyone would be doing it. Happy holidays!

Author: Ryan Dohrn

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