Way, Way Beyond Ads: How Publishers Can Boost Audience & Revenues!

By: Diana Landau

Niche publishers give their devoted readers the content they need, which in turn builds a strong audience and increases the opportunities for ad revenue. We consulted Krystle Kopacz, COO of the National Journal Group of Atlantic Media (and an upcoming speaker at the Niche CEO Summit) about her insights into finding the balance between creating and selling strategic advertiser programs all while building deep loyalty from niche audiences through super-creative editorial products.

Since every niche publication and every audience is different, how do you determine the right content-to-ad ratio that will boost your bottom-line but not irritate, (or drive away) your audience? How can niche publishers get creative?

Krystle: “There’s a new power shift between advertisers and publishers today. Advertisers have been responding with their own marketing ideas mostly because there has been a void. Publishers need to have a new mindset—and start treating advertisers like venture capitalists, who have money and will fund programs.

There are 3 critical steps to set the new process in motion. It starts with with editorial and sales closely working together. 1) Editorial team meets with sales team regularly to discuss inventory (topical) needs, 2) Editorial reconvenes to suggest ideas, metrics and rough costs, and 3) Sales creates packages, prices and pitches ideas based on shared vision.

So what does it look like in real life? Here’s two examples of a revenue-generating products produced by the combined effort: A cloud-computing company advertises with you and that generates a whitepaper that generates an annual research report on the “State of the Cloud.” Or a procurement reform organization advertises and does a webcast that leads to a regular”Money Matters’ column focused on case studies.”

It makes so much sense, doesn’t it? If publishers can develop a new mindset within their organizations to see advertisers (and their opportunities) in this new way, the sky’s the limit on developing ancillary, revenue-generating products. Understanding these new market dynamics will continue to favor those who deliver on good, relevant niche content ideas. So what’s your next best idea? Share with us!

Author: Diana Landau

Source: nichemediahq.com URL: https://goo.gl/jxlxgX