The Ad Sales Pro: 7 Smart Ways to Keep Yourself Pumped Up!

By: Diana Landau

It happens.

You feel up against a brick wall, out of leads, stuck in a rut. You don’t know when it happened, but somehow you find yourself pretty deep into an ad sales funk. And it doesn’t even matter how long you’ve been in the biz, it can happen to anyone.

So how can you can climb back to the top of your game and keep yourself feeling super-motivated?

First step: Don’t despair. It’s temporary. Take a deep breath and get ready to make some changes.

Here are 7 smart ways to get your ad sales motivation back on track:

1. Don’t stay in denial. If you are counting the number of voice mail messages you left as “contacts” and primarily sell to the same group of clients, you are living in sales denial. So what can the tired and uninspired ad salesperson do to turn it around? Make the first move and ask for some one-on-one sales coaching from your manager, mentor or peer you respect. Role-playingwith constructive feedback works.

2. Dig deeper. Time to clean house and dig deeper. Maybe some of your “contacts” are not the real decision-maker. Stop kidding yourself. Is it possible you have a bunch of non-committed prospects in your CRM? Cut ‘em loose and spend the majority of your time on “A” prospects.

3. Change your routine. You may be missing the opportunity to connect with a potential client because you always call the same time on the same day–and when they’re not available. Be counterintuitive and try Fridays! And make sure you are trying to connect to clients through more than one channel– email, snail mail, phonevideo, etc.

4. Niche your niche. Identify a brand new niche within your database. Create an e-newsletter, video or email promotion customized just to target this group. Track the progress.

5. Create mini-goals. Sometimes the larger goal can be overwhelming. You procrastinate, or worse–become paralyzed. Break it up into smaller goals, even reward your self when you hit the mark.

6. Learn new stuff. Add something fresh or entrepreneurial to your sales approach. Read at least one new business book every year to learn different approaches and strategies. Attend sales workshops and conferences to learn the latest innovations in niche media ad sales.

7. Remember to re-charge. Seriously.Try not to spend time on your restorative weekend working. If you find yourself drifting to read work emails as Sunday winds down, put down that smart phone. It’s called the quickest way to burnout. Sales takes an enormous amount of energy. You have to be “on” all the time. So take ample time to revitalize yourself so you can be at your best when Monday rolls around.

Most every ad sales pro will admit to feeling “blah” sometimes. But there are ways to make sure your ad sales game doesn’t become tired as well. Try these 7 tips and we bet you’ll get your sales motivation back fast!

Bonus: In your downtime, watch a comedy! Nothing rejuvenates you like a belly laugh.

Author: Diana Landau

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