5 Shiny New Print Magazines That Prove Paper's Still in Fashion

By: Ann Huyck

The smell of the paper, the stain of the ink: when’s the last time you leafed through a print magazine?

Yes, your tablet lets you take hundreds of novels on holiday, but just like vinyl, indie print mags continue to grace coffee tables all over the world.

The last decade has seen the rise of amazing titles like The GentlewomanLittle White Lies, and Elephant.

Monocle even carved a new niche, shaping what it means to be a multimedia behemoth today.

Print isn’t dead. Its fans are as passionate as ever, with exciting new publications launching every year.

So as we at The Memo wave farewell to Future Media month, let’s acknowledge the printed word lives on.

These 5 spangly new print magazines from the last year (ish) that prove print’s still in fashion…. 

LYRA, launched June 2016

Are you a feminist? Hell yeah you are. Then you’ll probably love LYRA, the quarterly print magazine that serves up “a bold feminine perspective on society, politics and the arts”.

Founder Georgina Gray shrugs off the idea that her magazine should be ‘just for women’. Instead it’s for anyone who enjoys wide-ranging engaging content.

Expect journalistic digging, thoughtful essays, and creative writing – and a stunning array of photography and illustration throughout.

5054, launched April 2017

Are you a car lover who thinks the ‘petrol head’ stereotype is getting a bit tired? Then 5054will feel like a breath of fresh air.

Reinventing what you’ve come to expect of the automotive magazine, this pops the hood on the industry and revels in oil-slick corners that have long been overlooked.

With beautiful illustrations of the world’s most important vehicles, and insightful content from the people who surround them, prepare to go on a journey.

Season, launched May 2016

Football and fashion are not mutually exclusive – 25% of fans attending the Premier League are women, after all.

Now Season is here for those who love beautiful design and the beautiful game.

Often exploring this intersection through a focus on female football fans, every story you read somehow seems more inspiring than the next.

“We are often overlooked or sexualised in the football landscape so I wanted to document and celebrate female fandom creatively,” editor Felicia Pennant said of the launch.

Sofa, launched July 2016

Curious about the future? Well – as well as reading The Memo – you should subscribe to Sofa.

A wry, witty exploration of cutting edge culture – this is for trend-followers who need to know their Gen Xs from their Gen Zs.

With a debut issue that featured a 16-year-old guest editor, no topic is too taboo, cool, stigmatised, or controversial for Sofa.

Embrace the digital world in a physical form.

Unbuilt Magazine, launched April 2016

We’re used to reading interviews with musicians in magazines. But what about a magazine published by them?

Unbuilt founder Tom Bejgrowicz has partnered up with D. Randall Blythe (vocalist of Lamb of God), Alex Skolnick (Testament guitarist) and singer Alissa White-Gluz to build his new lifestyle publication.

You can expect musical discussion – from heavy metal to broadway – but also articles on art, activism, travel, and food – as its editors draw on experiences from touring around the world.

The latest issues have been hand-signed by Mötley Crüe songwriter Nikki Sixx, and $1 from every sale is donated to charity.

Written By: Ann Huyck

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How 'Welcome Home RGV' Quadrupled Its Publishing Frequency

By: Roybn Ireland

Isn’t it wonderful to see a niche publication thrive and flourish? If a publication is amping up its publishing frequency, then it must be doing something right.

As it turns out, Welcome Home RGV, which caters to “Winter Texans” in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, has a very engaged reader base. This regional niche publication went from monthly to weekly when it realized its leisure-hungry audience needs its social event calendar and news stories updated constantly – or at least far more frequently.

As romantic as this sounds, big changes aren’t easy. Getting from point A to point B can be an operational nightmare. After all, a monthly to weekly change theoretically equates to quadruple workload. Unless you plan on growing your staff four times larger, this can equate to a quadruple dose of stress.

Nevertheless, Welcome Home RGV’s President Kristi Collier had a plan:

“Organization and ammunition are everything,” said Kristi. “If you don’t equip yourself with the right tools, internal workflows could start feeling like a war zone.”

Indeed, Kristi can attest to the fact that going from monthly to weekly requires more than “being a trooper”. She needed an arsenal of tools to handle exponential growth, and knew her current infrastructure wasn’t going to cut it.

“At the time we had a weak CRM disconnected from billing, and we heavily relied upon spreadsheets. If we didn’t change our process, we’d be stuck in an uphill battle,” said Kristi.

Luckily Kristi found the solution she needed when met Karen Richter, Mirabel Technology’s Strategic Account Manager, at a Niche conference. After learning about The Magazine and Newspaper Manager’s integrated CRM solution, Kristi was confident it would turn any workflow madness into an organized information fortress.

“Changing systems initially felt overwhelming, but now I can’t imagine running Welcome Home RGV any other way,” said Kristi.

Sure enough, The Newspaper Manager offered the army-sized support that Welcome Home RGV needed. Even so, turning a monthly into a successful weekly still requires an intuitive “General” like Kristi Collier.

Author: Robyn Ireland

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