How Short-Run Print Can Activate Lucrative Niche Audiences

By: Ellen Harvey

On the web, publishers have become adept at launching niche content verticals to engage very specific, often highly-monetizeable audiences. On the flip side, due to the economics of printing, publishers have historically had to take a one-size-fits-all approach to printed content.

However, advances in digital printing and data integration are making targeted print more feasible and in turn opening up new business opportunities for publishers. Using audience data to serve up short-run print products that are highly relevant and hence more valuable to the end user will breathe new life into publishers' print business, says John Conley, print expert and CEO of Borderland Advisers. And some publishes are already innovating in this space.

In the video above, Conley explains the business model of a hyper-targeted, digitally printed magazine called Cobblestone Living, which serves an affluent neighborhood of approximately 500 readers. A targeted magazine that serves this community is incredibly valuable to the reader and the advertiser because of its ability to serve a unique need, explains Conley. Digital printing, paired with publishers’ audience data, can unlock new revenue opportunities within hyper-targeted audiences like the one described above.

Conley is an advisor and speaker at the upcoming conference DigiPub: Harnessing the Power of Data-Driven Print. The conference will gather publishers and marketers on November 16th in NYC to discuss new opportunities in digital printing and data targeting. The conference is free to attend for executives in the magazine, catalog, and book markets. Learn more about DigiPub here.

Author: Ellen Harvey

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