3 Ways to Strategically Use Your Association's Database

By: Callie Walker


Your database may give you a headache from time to time, but there’s SO much valuable information there. Are you using it to your advantage?

Sure, you should be tracking the normal numbers: recruitment rates, renewal rates, event registrations, etc. But are you taking it a step further to actually advance your association?

Here are three ways to strategically use your association’s database (Yes, you’ll still have to analyze the data, but it’ll be worth it!):

1. To engage members who are slowly “dropping off”

You probably track renewal rates, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could identify members who are probably going to drop before they actually do? Well with the right data analysis, you can.

Your database likely lets you see how engaged your members really are: who’s opening your emails, who’s attending your events, who’s volunteering, etc.

Or better yet, who’s not. Could you use that information to create a special campaign forunengaged members (particularly before renewal season rolls around)? Absolutely! You could send them a coupon for a discount on your next webinar or have a staff member/board member/volunteer give them a call.

Use that information to re-engage those members - before it’s too late.

2. To convert prospects into members

You likely spend some time marketing to prospects (to grow your association’s membership), but how are you actually nurturing those prospects to convert them into members?

For example, let’s say you had an event and several prospects registered AND attended. Well could you then pull a list from your database and create an email marketing campaign for those prospect attendees? Could you let them know you hope the event was valuable and that if they want even more value, they should consider joining (and then go on to list your association’s benefits)? It’s definitely worth a shot!

3. To identify your most engaged members (and convert them into member ambassadors)

Like we mentioned in point #1, your database allows you to see how engaged your members really are. But what’s great about that is you can then identify your most engaged members and then (hopefully) convert them into member ambassadors - champions of your organization.

Take a look at who’s attending your events, who’s opening your emails, who’s volunteering, who’s reading your blog. Then reach out to those members with some kind of incentive. See if they’d be willing to help promote your event for a discount on registration. Or if they’d be willing to volunteer (and bring a friend!) for a VIP upgrade.

Don’t let that information sit idle - use it to your organization’s advantage!

Now you might be thinking, “My database is a mess. I could never capture this type of information from it.” Well if that’s the case, you might be using a spreadsheet and you may want to consider upgrading to an association management system, which will allow you to capture data that you can then analyze and create campaigns based off of.

Author: Callie Walker

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