Media Ad Sales: How to Overcome Stress and Keep Your Sales Pro Balance

By: Diana Landau

Being a successful salesperson takes an enormous amount of energy. You have to be “on” all the time. You are supposed to bring a positive attitude to every single day in sales.

But like everyone else, right now you probably have holiday stress, family issues, uncertainty in the political climate, economic changes, crummy weather—and keeping it all together and selling with a big, cheery smile on your face is not so easy.

So how do you keep your sales pro balance when the world around you is all stressed out? Here are some tips to keep you on track:

  1. Plan out your week and stick to it. Dive into the discipline as a part of every day. Be consistent about your calls, call backs and emails so you don’t get stressed about it. Then you are freed up to focus on the bigger goals faster. The comfort of a routine will help you keep your flow.
  2. Create mini-goals. Sometimes the larger goal can be overwhelming. You can get paralyzed. Break it up into smaller goals and reward your self when you hit the mark.
  3. “Focus 15” daily. Take 15 minutes of each day to focus on new motivational or industry read, a podcast, webinar, etc. Learning about others’ ideas will spark your own. Nothing improves the attitude like adding something fresh or entrepreneurial to your sales approach.
  4. Call a mentor. Talking with someone you admire and respect can lift your mood immediately, remind you why you do what you do. Chances are they’ve seen unsettled times and know a few things about selling through it all.
  5. Or become a mentor. Motivating and helping others is a sure way to give you purpose and get you pumped up.
    Set personal goals.
  6. Network and learn from peers. Seriously, it works and improves your game. Attend sales workshops and conferences to learn the latest innovations in niche media ad sales.
  7. Commit to re-charging. Do not to spend time on your restorative days off working instead. If you find yourself reading work emails as Sunday winds down, put down that mobile device! Take time to revitalize yourself so you can be at your best when Monday rolls around.

When you feel like the world is sucking all your energy it might seem even harder to try something new. Practice some or all seven of these tips and we bet you will feel lighter, brighter and more focused as you sell into 2017.

Author: Diana Landau

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