Publisher's Pain Management: Here's the Solution!

By: Diana Landau

As entrepreneurs, niche publishers wear many hats. And even though sometimes it seems easier to just do it yourself rather than take the time to explain it to someone else, that’s short-term thinking.

But there comes a time when it’s just not working. Too much to do, not enough help, not enough hours in the day.

So what’s a publisher to do? Delegate!

It’s hard to do when you are running the show. But to free yourself up a bit from daily issues and deadlines is the smartest step you can take to envisioning your path to growth, more success and becoming a true leader.

Here are 5 tips on delegating: (Because you know you are going to try it today, right?)

1. Don’t just delegate the hottest fires on the top of the pile. First and foremost, you need to think long-term when you are determining what responsibilities to delegate. Hone in on what you’re best at and look to delegate tasks that might be better for someone else.

2. Identify possible staff that could help. Does the new responsibility fit well within their current skill-set? Has the employee expressed desire for growth?

3. Give them time…and learn to trust. It takes some time for anyone to learn a new task or skill. Be patient, stay out of the way, and most of all empower your employee to succeed.

4. Prioritize and create clarity. Your new role, as the super-master delegator, is to educate staff about the new priorities and expectations, clarify any confusion and map out a defined decision-making process, so no one is guessing what’s happening.

5. Delegate out. If you determine it doesn’t work to delegate within, seek outside freelancers or venders for help or a possible partnership. They may have additional insight and resources that will be a good fit for your media company.

Most every entrepreneur likes to be in control and seeks perfection. But don’t let these tendencies block your path to success. If you want your media business to run better and chart a clear path for growth, the only and best way to do it is to delegate.

Author: Diana Landau

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