Media Ad Sales: Become a Video Expert!

By: Diana Landau

Video can improve audience engagement, attract new web traffic and drive sales leads and conversions for your advertisers. So is video a big part of your ad program? And are you confident in selling it to your advertisers?

Here are 7 savvy ways for you to help your advertisers maximize video with your magazine:

  1. Include video interviews for advertisers as part of a integrated ad package, and as an up-sell, make it available on your site, their site, and on DVD for offline mailing.
  1. Create a “daily video tip” to drive sales. Advertisers like the exposure, and they are also your best experts. Have them pay to be the expert in a section on your site and record their answers to submitted questions.
  1. Use Tweets as a part of the video package. “When you buy from us we can Tweet a link to your videos and your website to our audience.” This is a HUGE benefit – don’t give it away for free!
  1. Use custom Facebook tabs to offer new video product launches for your advertisers. Tabs can be simple HTML creations with embedded videos.  Keep the run short: 7-10 days.
  1. Learn how to how to optimize your advertisers’ video for better performance with each distinct audience on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. From Social Media Examiner: How to customize your videos for popular social media networks
  1. Need a quick how-to on using native video ads effectively? Here’s a good one from Andy Beohar and on How to capitalize on native video advertising
  1. Check out this publisher’s wise video insights in The Stats Don’t Lie! Monetizing Video with Tim Hermes

Finally, if you are selling video and your advertisers skeptical, share these powerful statistics with them:

So become a video expert and watch your sales increase. Do you have some cool ways you are selling video to your advertisers? Share with us!

Author: Diana Landau

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