3 Reasons Your Association Should Move to Cloud Computing

By: Callie Walker

Cloud computing has been around for a while now, but it’s still evolving. Not everyone is using it because not everyone knows why they should be using it. It seems so elusive!

Well today, we’re clearing the air a little (no pun intended) and explaining why your association should be in the cloud. Read on!

1. Access anywhere, anytime

With cloud computing, as long as you have an Internet connection, you can access your files. So if you need to work from a different computer or want to view something via your mobile device or tablet, you can very easily do so using a cloud connection.

That means you also don’t have to lug around your laptop everywhere. If you get an unexpected request from work - and don’t have your computer with you - you can still access that information via a different device.

2. Ease of collaboration

Because you can access your files anywhere at anytime using the cloud, it makes collaboration SO much easier. You no longer have to send coworkers files via email. With cloud computing, they can access everything you can - without you having to send anything!

Plus, have you ever been in a situation where you’re not sure who has the latest version of something? Well with cloud computing, that’s no longer an issue. Whenever you open a document in the cloud, you’re automatically getting the latest saved version. (Nice!)

3. Increased scalability

Another great thing about the cloud is that it’s highly scalable. You can add and remove resources and employees from the network with ease and without any major costs. So if your organization grows over time, and you’re using cloud computing, you’ll be in a good position to handle that.

Thinking it might be time for your association to switch to the cloud? Well you may want to take a look at an association management system. An AMS is a cloud-based technology solution designed to help you manage your association.

Author: Callie Walker

Source: memberclicks.com URL: https://goo.gl/U4QEvJ