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In June 2017, a survey of 2,131 US consumers was commissioned by Two Sides and carried out by leading research company Toluna. The survey provides unique insight into how print and paper is viewed, preferred and trusted by consumers in today’s digital world.

  Two Sides North America, Inc.

Two Sides North America, Inc.

73% of all respondents believe “fake news” is a worrying trend and just 35% trust the news stories found on social media while 56% trust the news they read in printed media.
71% of US consumers do not pay attention to online advertisements and 63% block or avoid them.

Print and Paper In A Digital World - Key Findings From the US Survey                                     Two Sides North America, Inc.




"$3.94 is the average return for every dollar spent on magazine advertising in print, the highest of all marketing media" Nielsen 2016

“Magazines yield the highest ROI of all media, using just 10% of ad expenditure” Nielsen 2015

“81% of people have bought an item or visited a place after reading about it in a magazine” Magnetic 2015

“Print magazines reach more adults and teens than the top 25 prime time TV programs in the US” Magazine media fact book 2015

“The ROI of an FMCG Campaign could be increased by 17% by increasing the budget for magazine and newspaper advertising” Brand science 2014



"The proportion of consumers that have atleast one catalogue in their home is 51%" Touchpoints 2016

“90% of consumers use catalogues to learn and get Ideas about things that interest them!” InfoTrends 2015

“49% believe catalogues are the best source for groceries, compared to 20% who favour online” Roy Morgan Research 2014

“Customers who have a multi-channel relationship with high end fashion brand Nordstrom spend four times as much as those who don’t” ELMA 2014

“70% of people read print catalogues as opposed to 11% reading online catalogues” 2013


Direct Mail


"The increase in ROI when direct mail is included in a multiplatform campaign is 12%" Royal Mail Marketreach 2016

"The amount spent on direct mail in the UK in 2015 was £1.9 billion” Royal Mail Marketreach 2015

“83% of people find direct mail easier to absorb than email” DMA 2015

“67% of peoples online searches are driven by printed marketing” IPSOS US 2013

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