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Mortise & Tenon's Long Awaited Print Launch is a Success

Royle Printing is proud to announce the successful production of valued partner's 'Mortise & Tenon' first print magazine! Another successful print launch is just another story of the resurgence of print media in today's digital age!
For a detailed look into the production and launch of Mortise & Tenon's first magazine, continue to for the full story.
Mortise & Tenon magazine is an annual print publication currently under development which seeks to bridge the worlds of furniture maker,  conservator, and scholar. This is not another typical woodworking magazine. There are no “7 Essential Router Tricks”, weekend DIY pocket screw projects, or ad cluttered pages. M&T exists to showcase premier furniture artisans and scholars in an elegant and artful manner. The magazine is printed on uncoated 70# matte paper with a minimalist photography-saturated aesthetic.
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